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VO Coaching and Business Development

Hello there voice talents and industry creatives!

I've launched one-on-one time to work with talent on their careers.

If you want to spend the entire hour reading copy, great!


If you are interested in talking about your website, marketing, branding, gear, that works too!


If you are getting ready to cut your first demo or refresh a demo and help with production and script selection for your voice print we can do that too!


There is so much to discover in this wonderful business of voice over. Let's get to work! 

Let's work together 

My rate is $175 per Hour

Promo & Trailer Demo Rates are $2500

Commercial & Narration Demos $2000 

Email me to get to work on your career!

commerical & Narration Demo Deposit

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Promo & Trailer Demo Deposit

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One Hour Coaching

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 One Hour Consulting

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